Prices and Ordering

Trial and Subscription

WMSPanel is a Software-as-a-Service and we use a subscription model to monetize it.
You rent our service and pay every month in advance as long as you use it.
You may stop using it and cancel payment any time.
Free trial period of 2 weeks is avaialble so just sign up and try, with certain limitations listed below.

Any subscription includes:

WMSPanel supports Nimble Streamer and Wowza Streaming Engine. The subscription pricing works regardless of the server type.

The final cost depends on what you add into your panel account:

  • Peak number of servers in your account
  • Premium licenses for Addenda and Live Transcoder add-ons.
  • Number of slices
  • Additional stats and options

Cost of services and options

 USD per month
Full slice
at least one is required
One server instance in account50
Live Transcoder license
Visit price page
Nimble Addenda license
covers DRM, Advertizer and more
Lite slice10
Geo/ISP option per slice5
High precision option per slice5
ASN stats cost per server5
In-depth statistics 20+
Unique viewers stats per slice5+
First 15000 API calls0
Additional 1000 API calls10
Nimble Streamer cloud backup
per 1 backup per month
Dispersa monitoring,
per 10 streams. Visit price page
Do you have discounts?No discounts

All payments are non-refundable.

Estimate WMSPanel services and options cost

Here you can estimate your expences for using WMSPanel subscription.
You may click buttons below to add corresponding options to the table. You may set appropriate amount for each option. Mandatory options are already added.

OptionAmountUSD per month
Full slice
Live Transcoder license
Nimble Addenda license
Lite slice
Geo/ISP slice
High precision slice
ASN stats per server
In-depth stats in thousands of records
Unique viewers S package
Unique viewers M package
Nimble Streamer cloud backup
Dispersa monitoring per 10 streams
Extra 1000 API calls

Adding more and upgrading costs

If you need to add or remove servers, licenses and options, you can do it any time during your billing period.
New overall cost of licenses, slices and other options will be reviewed a few days before the beginning of the next billing period and your WMSPanel subscription will be upgraded or downgraded accordingly.

Peak number of servers for a given billing period is set each time a server is added in addition to server previously available in a given account.
If you remove a server after adding it, you will still be charged for it at the end of billing cycle.
Each billing cycle will define its own peak number of servers.

Q: I’ve removed some unused options and slices, but cannot see the changes of price on the billing page.
A: You don't need to do anything, your price will be updated before the payment. You'll be notified about this automatically.

Addenda license and Live Transcoder licenses
The cost of both types of licenses is added to your WMSPanel subscription.
If you need any number of licenses after you've subscribed to WMSPanel, first you'll make a one-time charge proportional to remaining billing period, and then licenses' price will be added to your regular WMSPanel subscription.
Some eligible customers may defer new license payments to include them into the nearest monthly billing.
If you add Addenda or Transcoder license during the trial period, it will be included in the initial cost of account during the subscription.
Canceled Addenda and Transcoder licenses will be removed from your WMSPanel subscription.

Adding significantly more servers may require additional up-front payments. By default you may add up to 10 servers into your account on top of your subscribed amount. If you want to add more you need to go to your profile subscription page and pay the amount proportional to a number of new servers and number of days until the end of billing period. Your regular WMSPanel subscription will also be updated accordingly. See some of examples below as well.

Example 1. You have 2 servers and you need to view geo, ISP and ASN statistics of your viewers. The price would be $20 for default full slice, $5 for geo/ISP, $50 for each server and $5 for each server for ASN. The total price would be 20 + 5 + 50*2 + 5*2 = $135 per month.

Example 2. You have 1 server and you need to view geo-location stats and have Deep stats for a dozen of your streams. You also want to show this to one of your customers. The price would be 2 by $20 for two slices, $5 for geo-location stats, your Deep stats will probably not cost more than $20 and your server requires $50. So your total will be 20*2 + 2*5 + 20 + 50 = $120 per month.

Example 3. Your account has 1 server with 1 default slice and you've subscribed for 70 USD on May, 1st. Now it's May 15th and you add 2 more servers and enable geo-location stats. On May 26th you get automated message which describes the 2*50 USD upgrade for servers and 5 USD upgrade for geo. Your subscription is updated accordingly to 175 USD. Then you remove geo-stats on May 31st and your subscription is downgraded by 5 USD.
So on June 1st you are charged by 170 USD.

Step by step: take a look at how you can gradually increase costs by adding new products, servers, options and features over time.

Q1: What is Nimble Streamer price?

Nimble Streamer instance requires 50 USD per month subscription.

You need to pay for each instance in your account, see price table above.

Premium features like Transcoder, DRM or Advertizer require additional licenses, see table above for details.

Q2: Do I need slices?

Yes, at least one slice.

A slice is the way you separate your stats to show to your clients. Read this page for more details.

There is always 1 default Full data slice which collects all the statistical data which goes into your account.
This default slice cannot be removed, so your minimum account price is 20 USD per month.

Besides stats you can use slices to provide permissions to your non-admin users.

Q3: How do I handle my subscriptions?

You can subscribe and then cancel your subscription any time. You will find all invoices at your account settings page.
Read our terms of service to learn more about trial period, subscription process, upgrade/downgrade, cancellation, termination and other details.

Q4: Can I pay up-front?

Yes, you can do it upon request. We may take a payment equal the price of 12 months of service with current amount of servers and options and put it on your account credit. Every month a cost of your monthly services is withdrawn from your credit. If your monthly cost changes, then the cost of withdrawal is updated accordingly.
Transcoder and Addenda licenses can also covered by account credit.

Please notice that if you decide to leave the service before you spend your credit, we won't make refunds for any credit left on your account.

Contact our helpdesk if you'd like to make up-front payment.

Trial period limitations

The following limitations are applied to WMSPanel accounts during the trial period:

Try WMSPanel for Free
Free trial. No credit card required.

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