Prices and Ordering

WMSPanel supports Wowza Streaming Engine and Nimble Streamer The subscription pricing works regardless of the server type.
You may mix different types of servers in your account and still have same pricing.


We make Software-as-a-Service and we use a subscription model. You rent our service and pay every month as long as you use it. You may stop using it and cancel payment any time.
Your first 2 weeks are free of charge to try. No credit card or PayPal, just sign up and try.

Any subscription includes:

How much?

The price depends on what you would like to do at the panel. Click on these options to see how it works.

A. I only need server administration

You'd like to watch after your servers, check overall statistics and make some changes to your servers' configuration. You may need to create logins for other company administrators. The basic price is 20 USD per month. Also, significant amount of servers will require additional payments.

Up to 5 servers.


Small business rules!

6 to 9 servers.


That's a good server farm.

10 to 19 servers.


Serving up to 100K connections?

20 to 29 servers.


Some cross-continental streaming infrastructure.

Additional $5 apply if you need daily geo-location and ISP reporting being enabled. Please also check full price list for supporting bigger amount of servers.

B. I need to show statistics to my clients

Having rich reporting for multiple servers you may probably want to make it available for your users. This is what data slices are for. You may create them to have isolated portions of stats and create non-admin logins for your clients. We also provide free white label panel for convenient presentation of your reports to any third parties with customized domain, logo, CSS and favicon.

So the more clients of your company need to see their statistics, the more slices you add. And the less you pay for each slice because we have significant discounts.

2 slices


+$8 for geo/ISP reports

3 slices


+$12 for geo/ISP reports

4 slices


+$12 for geo/ISP reports

1 full slice + 4 lite slices


+$15 for geo/ISP reports

1 full slice + 5 lite slices


+$18 for geo/ISP reports

Lite slices have reduced functionality for reduced price. They have full daily statistics but have no streams reports. Read this to see how it works.
New user logins do not require additional payments.
Additional fees apply for more than 5 servers added in the panel. E.g. if you use up to 9 servers you will pay additional $50.
Deep stats and unique visitors stats also require extra payments.

C. I need WMSPanel for a short-term project

No problem, subscribe now and when your project is over, just cancel your subscription. When you need our products again - welcome back any time.

D. I have a special case for my business

Check the full price list. If you need some combination of multiple servers and multiple client slices with variation of full and lite slices and reporting options, you need to take a look at it.
And feel free to talk to us to describe your scenario and have proper advise.

How much does Nimble Streamer cost?

Nimble Streamer is a freeware. It does not require any license fees.
Read this page for details about low total cost of ownership for Nimble-based solutions.

How about Dispersa monitoring?

Dispersa streams monitoring is just another option added to your subscription. It's a freemium service with first 9 streams free of charge.
Please refer to price description to see how much it would be for your streams to monitor.

Is Wowza license included?

No, Wowza license is not included in subscription price, you must purchase it separately.
WMSPanel is not affiliated with Wowza Media Systems.

Is it available on-premises?

Yes, we provide WMSPanel on-premises for enterprises and govenment institutions. You can contact us to learn how it can be purchased.

Read our terms of service to learn more about the subscription process, its upgrade, cancellation and other details. Full price list will help see the complete cost structure.