Dispersa is a freemium service

Dispersa is available via several options. We don't charge for number of checkpoints or traffic or bandwidth. It's available as free service with additional charges for extra options.

Free single check

You enter your stream name and check stream availability from around the globe. Easy and simple.
Price: 0 USD.
No credit card or PayPal required.

Periodical check

Sign up, subscribe and add as many streams in your monitoring console as you need. Those streams will be checked on periodical basis from all checkpoints available in the network, including your own private checkpoints once you add them. This also includes availability check statistics.
The price is 5 USD for each 10 streams to monitor.
E.g. 8 streams will cost 5 USD, 25 streams checking will cost 15 USD etc.

Private check-point

If you use a private checkpoint, you'll need to add a minimum WMSPanel subscription to your steams' monitoring price. That is 1 server and 1 full default slice, i.e. 30 USD per month.
Please refer to this page to see all details of WMSPanel pricing.