Showing stats to end-users

Give selected statistics to your customers

WMSPanel gives media streaming providers reporting flexibility. Having the statistics being collected from multiple servers, their data may be split by various criteria and shown to any designated 3rd party by the the customer. This is why WMSPanel has data slices and white labels.

Data slices

A slice is a point of view at the data collected by all customer servers. It allows defining what servers, applications or streams you would like to show as a single reporting data base.

Slices can be defined:

By default, any customer account has one Full data slice which has all the data collected from all servers.

Any custom slice may be converted to lite slice which has reduced functionality and reduced price.

Each slice may have its reporting options enabled, such as geo-location/ISP, High precision and Deep stats.

White label branding

You may "camouflage" WMSPanel to be shown to your users as if it's your own hosted website. We provide white label to show stats via branded web UI

Multiple users logins may be created to access slices.

Secure your account in 3 easy steps article gives ideas about working securely in WMSPanel.


Each slice' reporting data may be obtained via set of APIs. This includes the ability to give each user a dedicated API key to get his slices' statistics.


WMSPanel pricing policy is based on the usage of data slices. Each slice adds extra cost. Read this description of our pricing policy for details.

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