Showing unique viewers count

See how many unique users viewed your content

Streaming live or VOD, any content provider needs some major metrics like views count, traffic, geography etc. One of the most anticipated stats is unique viewers count.
In WMSPanel, a "viewer" is considered unique for a pair of IP address and user agent utilized during 1 day.

WMSPanel allows collecting stats from many servers instances so if a viewer was watching videos from different servers, this viewer will still be counted as one viewer.

Per-slice unique viewers

  • Each data slice is a subset of statistics for a subset of servers, applications or streams including unique viewers stats.
  • This allows sharing the stats with non-admins via white-label panel web UI.

Per-streams and per-files unique viewers

  • Deep stats give ability for per-stream and per-file statistics.
  • Each stream or file may have its own set of daily stats including unique viewers.
  • viewers are unique within each stream or file.


Unique viewers metrics require space and processing power so it's a premium feature.The cost is calculated using peak number of unique viewers in any single day during a month.Unique viewers count is defined by packages.

S package = 200,000 peak unique viewers = 5 USD per month

M package = 1,000,000 peak unique viewers = 25 USD per month

The package is related both to a slice and to a deep stat package of a slice.
If some slice or Deep stats use more that 1M viewers, then several M packages are purchased.


  • You have Full data slice with Deep stats enabled. Your slice peak viewers count is 100K, (i.e. S package) and Deep stats unique viewers are 150K (another S package). Your cost will be 5 USD for slice and 5 USD for Deep, which is 10 USD per month total.
  • You have Full data slice and 5 slice where you enabled unique viewers. One of the slices has Deep enabled, with unique viewers. Full slice has 1,800,000 peak viewers (2 * M packages, 2*25 USD), each of the slices has 50,000 peak viewers (5 * S packages, 5 * 5 USD), Deep stats have 250,000 peak viewers (1 * M package, 25 USD). Total cost will be 100 USD per month.

Trial period
You may try Unique Viewers stats during WMSPanel free trial period with all metrics and reports.

Please also read Terms of Service to learn more about subscription and billing process.

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