In-depth streaming analysis

Discover more about your users and your content

Streaming multiple live shows and want to know more about each channel visitors?
Showing video on demand and need to know each file statistics?

WMSPanel shows reports for each individual stream and file available on any number of Nimble Streamer.


Each file and stream has its own set of statistics.


  • Filtering by files and streams names via regular expression.
  • Sorting by number of connections, traffic, average and total play time.
  • Any dates range can be specified, total stats calculated per selected period.
  • Grouping is available for files and streams to get combined stats.
  • Any files, streams or their groups may be compared to each other to understand their performance.
  • All statistics are available per slice, you may allow users to browse portions of data.
  • Storage time is defined per data slice.
  • API is available for getting the aggregated data.
  • Any web UI search result can be exported via CSV.


1 package = 100K records = 50 USD per month

1 record = 1 day stats for 1 stream or file in 1 data slice

Discounts apply for low level of usage: First 20K = 20 USD per month, up to 50K cost 30 USD per month.

The price will depend on number of files and streams and their storage time. Basic units are "record" and "records package".

  • Storing statistics for 1 stream or file for 1 day would be 1 record to charge.
  • If 1 file is selected by 2 data slices, it is 2 records per day to charge.
  • If some stream does not have any stats for some day - no record is created.
  • A customer is charged by record packages on monthly basis.
  • One package covers 100K records and costs 50 USD per month.
  • Unused records are not passed over to next billing period
  • You can check package status via admin UI.


  • If you have 500 files in one data slice and 700 files in another one and you store statistics for 50 days, it would be (500+700)*50 = 60,000 records. 60K records cost 50 USD per month.
  • If you have 1500 files in 1 full default data slice stored for 90 days this would be 135K records. The price would be 100 USD per month.

Trial period
You may use Deep stats during WMSPanel free trial period with all metrics and reports. The limitation for free trial is 75000 records.

Please also read Terms of Service to learn more about subscription and billing process.

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