WMSPanel products API reference

WMSPanel allows collecting statistics data from various streaming media servers.
You may have different server types and get aggregated stats for further usage. WMSPanel provides additional capabilities for obtaining the data and using it in for further analysis within customers' workflow.
WMSPanel also provides efficient push API methods for getting immediate alerts from the system for proper handling within customer's environment.
Another efficient feature is Nimble Streamer control API.
The reference below describes the set of API methods provided by the service. You may also read API-related articles to see certain use cases.

WMSPanel stats pull API usage

WMSPanel allows accessing data by making API calls.
Each call is a GET request via HTTPS. You need to use HTTPS for all connections.
As a response you get JSON structure with required data.
If you have incorrect credentials for any request, the response code will be 403.

Limits. Each WMSPanel account has a limit of 15000 API calls for every 24 hours, starting from 0:00 UTC. If you need to add more API calls to your daily limit, you can increase the limit on API setup control page. You'll make a small one-time up-front payment and your subscription will be upgraded accordingly, each 1 thousand of calls will cost 10 USD per month.

For those who want to use API more extensively, we recommend using API proxy. We created sample API proxy code for your convenience.

WMSPanel stats, WMSAuth, Dispersa API

Nimble Streamer control API via WMSPanel

These API calls are made via WMSPanel so please enable WMSPanel API in order to use it. Also keep in mind, that they are executed upon WMSPanel sync-up with Nimble (delivered each 30 seconds) so they will take some time to apply new settings to Nimble instance.

Nimble Streamer native API

Nimble Streamer native API allows making several types of calls directly to Nimble Streamer instance without any delay or dependency from WMSPanel.

Pay-per-view API

WMSPanel provides Paywall framework which includes pay-per-view feature set.
Read the following articles about pay-per-view framework for Nimble Streamer.

Notifications push API

WMSPanel provides capabilities for tracking the status of streams and servers. This is done via push API. A customer creates a handler which is able to receive JSON data via POST requests. When a designated event happens, WMSPanel posts the data to the handler for further processing. Each request has a token which can be used to check the credibility of incoming request.

Streams publish / unpublish streams alerts

Nimble Streamer provides push API for stream (un)availability notifications.
Read this article to learn more about notifications for RTMP, RTSP, MPEG-TS, SRT and Icecast.

Media server offline alerts

WMSPanel is able to monitor stats from multiple servers or different types. Each server sends sync-ups to bring data to the panel. If a server is not sending information, the panel considers this server to be inactive, or "offline". When this happens, WMSPanel is able to initiate POST request with server offline alert.
Read this article to see how you can use these alerts.

Daily statistics push API

WMSPanel is able to post data on a daily basis to provide statistics for further use within customer's environment.
Read this article to learn more about its usage.

Dispersa streams alerts push API

Dispersa streams monitoring service performs periodical checks of designated media streams via distributed checkpoints network.
Read Dispersa push API setup and usage article to learn more.

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