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Please search through our website and blog before sending a question - we have a lot of informative articles about our feature set.

2. Check logs

Check your server logs before sending your question to our helpdesk if you have any issues with Nimble Streamer.
Read this article regading logs in Nimble Streamer.

3. Haven't found the solution? Ask a question

You can contact us by filling in the form below. You may also want to send a direct email message to in case you don't like online forms.

Some quick facts you may find useful:

Please use search to look for your keywords - we might already have an article about it.

Please read paywall FAQ to see common issues and their resolutions.

Our SDK and library can be tried in action using our Larix Broadcaster mobile app for Android and iOS. It is based on our library so all you see there will be available for re-use as part of SDK. The API reference can be reviewed on our website, it's available for Android and iOS.
To get the SDK with library please subscribe for support subscription: 500 USD/m for Android+iOS, 300 USD/m for either Android or iOS. The SDK will remain functional if your subscription is stopped but as long as you are subscribed, you'll get our technical support and SDK updates.
Then you need to send us an email of the person who will sign license agreement, we'll send a document for e-signature.

Please specify your question below along with some answers.

Check our Nimble Streamer front page for links to major use cases that might give you proper answer. If we're still missing something, we're either developing this already or we'll put it in our wish list, just let us know what you're looking for.

Please find popular pricing answers via the links below:
WMSPanel price overview and full price list.
DIspersa pricing.
How much does Nimble Streamer cost?

Please read this digest page for WMSPanel stats feature set.
If you're interested in white label and showing stats to your customers, read this page.

Please check Dispersa private checkpoints and Dispersa push API in order to customize this feature set.

Make sure you've read all items in API reference.

Please notice that API is available for subscribed accounts only.
Please go to Subscribe menu to arrange the first payment.

To upgrade of Nimble Streamer and Live Transcoder please do the following:
1) Upgrade Live Transcoder
2) Upgrade Nimble Streamer
If you upgrade only Nimble or only Transcoder, the transcoding will not work at all, so please follow the 2-steps procedure above.

Find more posts about Transcoder in WMSPanel team blog

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