What is the cost of ownership for Nimble Streamer?

Each Nimble Streamer instance costs 10 USD per month

Nimble Streamer is easy to use

What is WMSPanel control service?

Your server needs to be registered in WMSPanel service. It's a subscription-based Software-as-a-Service which provides the following key features for Nimble Streamer administrators:

  • Easy control interface for defining Nimble Streamer behavior, like where to take media from and how to stream it.
  • Rich reporting with a variety of metrics and views, white label custom branding and end-users data slices.
  • Multiple servers control - you can have any number of media servers, both Nimble and other types of media servers. All reports are aggregating data from those multiple sources. You may see all Nimble instances in a single web UI.
  • Web interface is available on any modern device' browser - from PC, iOS and Android to SmartTV.
The price starts from 20 USD per month for a basic account.
Learn more on prices page.

In addition to WMSPanel, Nimble Streamer has some premium features.

Q: How about TCO? How much does it cost to own a Nimble-powered server?

This basically depends on the amount of connections which you'd like to handle and the level of robustness and availability. The minimal configuration where it was tested is 256MB 1CPU virtual server. You can check performance tuning guide, RAM cache calculation and benchmark example like this to map it to your own environment and hardware cost. Installing more Nimble instances will improve the level of robustness.

Step by step

Take a look at how you can gradually increase costs by adding new products, servers, options and features over time.

For other questions, please contact us.

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