Always be sure that your streams are online

Make sure your streams are online 24/7 with periodical check

You need to secure your business and always be sure your streams are online. That's why we made a service for periodical check of your streams.

  1. Sign up for WMSPanel account and subscribe for it
  2. Add streams to check.
  3. Select which checkpoints will be used for check over.
  4. Set up email for receiving alerts.
  5. The system will start checking each stream every 5 minutes, you will get email notification once anything goes wrong.

All major streaming protocols are supported: RTMP, RTSP, HLS, Smooth, HDS, DASH, Icecast, Shoutcast.
Also, SSL/TLS is suported for RTMP, RTSP and HLS streams.

Read this article to see how you can easily set up stream monitoring within our panel.

Premium Dispersa accounts may use monitoring statistics for all streams and checkpoints.

Dispersa API
If you need to take custom actions on streams alerts, use alerts push API in addition to getting emails. You may trigger stream reset or sending customized email to your clients who use WMSPanel via white label domain.
If you need to dynamically change your streams, you may use Dispersa monitoring API to add, update or remove them from your account.

You may even create your own private checkpoint

Even though the periodical check is performed via distributed checkpoints, there are cases when we simply cannot reach some stream:

  • it's in some internal network;
  • IP ranges restrictions or
  • geographical limitation.
No problem, create your own checkpoint and use it exclusively for your streaming use case.
A private checkpoint allows setting any convenient checkover interval per server instance.

Check other reporting capabilities of WMSPanel

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Need more QoS/QoE monitoring?

Qosifire is a live streaming quality monitoring service.
It allows tracking multiple aspects of live streams' quality and get instant alerts on issues.
Performs 24/7 monitoring of HLS, RTMP and Icecast streaming.

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