Create your own checkpoints

There are cases when our distributed external service cannot check your streams.

Case: Internal streaming server

You have streaming server inside of your enterprise network. E.g. you're making broadcasts or build your company knowledge base with videos and screencasts.

Your media server is not allowed to stream into the external web so our checkpoints cannot access it.

Case: Limited geographical access

If you use any sort of geo-location restriction you may need to check your streams from within your geographical region. The same applies if you limit your streams to IP ranges of some telecom operators.

Case: You name it

Any streaming server which is inaccessible from all of our distributed checkpoints network, needs some other other approach to be checked over.

Solution: Your private checkpoint

We need a checkpoint within your "secure perimeter" which would be able to make periodical check overs. It's possible with help of Nimble Streamer media server. You need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Sign up for WMSPanel account and subscribe for it.
  2. Install Nimble Streamer on some of your Linux servers. Any popular distributive can be used.
  3. Choose new Nimble server to be a checkpoint and specify check interval if it should be different from default 5 minutes.
  4. Set up stream monitoring using your own Nimble Streamer instance as a checkpoint.

That's it. You can be sure you will be notified if any stream becomes unaccessible.


Need more QoS/QoE monitoring?

Qosifire is a live streaming quality monitoring service.
It allows tracking multiple aspects of live streams' quality and get instant alerts on issues.
Performs 24/7 monitoring of HLS, RTMP and Icecast streaming.

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