Geographically distributed monitoring network

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Monitoring is handled by network of checkpoints

Streams availability check is made by monitoring network which consists of checkpoints.
A check point is a server which performs stream availability check.
Nimble Streamer is the basis for a checkpoint. It receives parameters from WMSPanel and handles all checking process. When you make monitoring set up in WMSPanel, those settings are sent to designated checkpoints and the availability check starts accordingly.
See checkpoints descriptions below the map.

1. New York

Checkpoint is located in New York, USA.

2. San Francisco

Checkpoint is located in San Francisco, USA

3. Amsterdam

This one is in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The nearest point for streaming servers in Europe and Middle East.

4. Singapore

Located in Singapore, this is the nearest point for checking streaming in South-East Asia and Australia.

5. Frankfurt

Checkpoint is located in Frankfurt, Germany

6. Toronto

Checkpoint is located in Toronto, Canada

7. Private checkpoints in your network

If you'd like to perform a check for your company internal resources or some geographically locked network, you can install Nimble Streamer there and use it as a private checkpoint for your monitoring network.
Create a private checkpoint.

Coming soon More checkpoints

The checkpoints listed above is not the final set. We want to make robust and scalable streams monitoring so we plan adding more servers in distant locations to make sure the globe is covered and any stream can be monitored 24/7.