Embed Nimble Streamer to any hardware

Deploy software media server to x64, ARM and POWER8 platforms

Most efficient media server

Nimble Streamer is a high-performance software with small resources usage.
It's the most efficient software media server on the market.
Nimble is created using C++ programming language and has its own code base with no third-party libraries. This all makes it easy to port to any desirable platform.
Currently it's running on Linux, Windows, Mac and Raspbian which means it's available on x64, ARM and POWER8 architectures. Small 265MB RAM Raspberry hardware can run it smoothly.

Porting software media server into your hardware

With low resource requirements and support for ARM, x64 and POWER8, Nimble Streamer can be potentially used on any modern platform to create a media streaming device of any size, shape and characteristics. That device would have all features needed to handle various multimedia tasks.
You can try any of the packages mentioned in our installation instructions and also ask us for any other one.

Some things it can do

Nimble Streamer provides excellent feature set for live streams transmuxing from and into various formats.
Current incoming streams formats are RTMP, RTSP and MPEG-TS.
Outgoing playback streams formats are HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP, RTSP and MPEG-TS.
Audio is also covered pretty good - you may re-package same incoming streams into Icecast, convert Icecast into audio-only HLS for your iOS devices and also just re-stream Icecast.
DVR feature set allows saving streams for further playback.

Video-on-demand feature set provides capabilities to transmux MP4 into HLS and MPEG-DASH, both in VOD mode. Remote storage is available as a source in addition to internal drives.
Of course, progressive download pseudo-streaming is also supported.

Terms of use

The following terms are applied if you'd like to use Nimble Streamer in your products.

  • We do not limit the ways Nimble Streamer is deployed. Download, install and use it as you like.
  • No fees are required for your product distribution with Nimble Streamer on board.
  • Your device' user documentation both electronic and hard copy must mention that Nimble Streamer® by Softvelum® is used as one of the software packages in your products. If your product has a webpage, it must have the same mention, with "Softvelum" being a link to "https://softvelum.com/" website.
  • You must inform our team about such usage.
  • Technical support from our team is available for additional fees. Send us a note once you need it.
Basically you can do anything, just mention us in your docs and pay us if you need help from our engineers.

Try in action

Before making any decisions - please try installing it on your desktop or test hardware to see its performance and resources usage. We're sure you'll find it charming.

Install Nimble Streamer now
Install now
Free trial of WMSPanel included

Let us know if you need any help and search through our documentation to find more information.

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