WMSPanel - Control and Statistic Panel for Wowza Media Server

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Report your server statistics

WMSPanel shows real-time, high-detail and daily Wowza stats for connections, bandwidth, traffic, view time, duration and geo-location in a variety of ways. You can define data slices to show valuable data to your customers and white label it via customized branded URLs and logos. Learn more...


Control access to your media

Hot-linking protection and domain lock makes it harder to re-stream your media and avoid un-authorized access. Pay-per-view framework allows building scalable solutions for per-user access control. You can define rules for limiting or restricting connections count, geographical locations and IP ranges for any of your servers, applications or even separate streams. Learn more...


Manage your server efficiently

We can work with Vhosts, applications or app instances via the web with just a few clicks in your favorite web browser. Create, change or delete your applications, instances and streams. Easily control your existing streams. Just a web GUI and no need for SSH or JMX connection. Learn more...


WMSPanel is part of Wowza Media Systems technology alliance ecosystem

It's a web-based GUI control panel for Wowza. We take data directly from Wowza via Java agent and show it in your desktop or mobile device browser without any Flash or Silverlight. No boring log parsing which takes your processing resources. Just straight-forward quick agent installation and cool web interface. Learn more...

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Subscription price starts from $20 per month.

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