News: Nimble Streamer MacOS and Windows versions, AES-128 HLS encryption, WMSPanel Deep stats updates and more in February news.

WMSPanel: admin web UI for media servers

Measure and control your media streaming infrastructure


Wowza Streaming Engine

WMSPanel provides full cycle of Wowza management:

  • Reporting framework
  • Applications and streams control
  • Building paywalls with pay-per-view, geo-lock and hotlink protection
  • Servers and streams monitoring


Nimble Streamer

WMSPanel helps building Nimble-based streaming networks

  • Live and VOD streaming control
  • Reporting framework
  • Building paywalls with pay-per-view and other restrictions
  • Servers and streams monitoring



WMSPanel tracks statistics for nginx-rtmp-module and covers major monitoring features:

  • Statistics reporting for RTMP streaming
  • Servers and streams monitoring



WMSPanel has coverage for major monitoring features:

  • Statistics reporting
  • Servers and streams monitoring
Supports Red5 versions 1.x


Windows Media Services

WMSPanel provides basic stats and protection for WMS:

  • Realtime and retro statistics
  • WMSAuth hotlinking protection
  • IP range restriction



WMSPanel has full reporting feature set for Flussonic:

  • Statistics reporting
  • Servers and streams monitoring


You may add any number of servers of any supported type - WMSPanel will aggregate and show statistics with the same set of excellent reports.
So WMSPanel will serve as a single source of statistics for your streaming environment.

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