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how to schedule restart something

owen 2017-09-07 10:05:23 UTC in WMSPanel functionality

hi all,
I was some misstake with rtmp republishing, after few day the rtmp stream didn't push to origin server. I must restart rtmp republishing.
how to schedule restart it ?

owen 2017-12-11 02:26:21 UTC

Dear support,
Plz help me this case.
how to schedule restart rtmp publishing and udp setting ?

Denis Slobodskoy 2017-12-11 02:53:11 UTC

You can use WMSPanel API for restarting:
So your scheduled task should be something like
curl '[server_id]/rtmp/republish/[rule_id]/restart?client_id=[client_id]&api_key=[api_key]'
server_id and rule_id are present in URL for editing rule in WMSPanel (wrench button).
If you didn't use API before, please read how to enable it:

owen 2017-12-11 03:35:30 UTC

Dear support
The [rule_id] is a id of one stream. But i need restart all stream in the same time. Which the option i can use in this case ?

Denis Slobodskoy 2017-12-11 03:45:28 UTC

Sorry, there is no API for restart all, you have to restart each stream separately. You may write a script that will get streams list and send restart command for each.

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