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Please add a configuration only subscription model

Byorun 2017-03-16 10:41:20 UTC in WMSPanel functionality

Manually configuring nimble streamer via rules.conf is a pain (as long as there is no real doc about the json structure). The panel is easy to use and works well.
For my personal project, I don't need any of the reporting and monitoring features of the panel. Unfortunately these features cover 2/3 of the lowest subscription fee.

It would be nice if you would offer either a configuration only subscription or offer a better documentation for the rules.conf so that we can manually configure nimble streamer without trying to click every option in the panel and check for the corresponding changes in the rules.conf

Yury Udovichenko 2017-03-16 13:18:45 UTC

Hi Byorun,

By subscribing to our services you get not only WMSPanel but also the tech support of our team:
So This minimal price will cover your occasional questions for our support in addition to nice UI to control your instances.

If you'd like to proceed with rules.conf, you can just configure WMSPanel step-by-step to check the changes and discover what you need. Having written description of the file is not optimal because the format is being updated all the time by adding new features. So it's not possible at the moment.

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