MPEG-DASH support in Nimble Streamer

Nimble Streamer has wide support of MPEG-DASH technology.

New: AV1 codec is supported for VOD MPEG-DASH.

Live MPEG-DASH streaming as origin

Nimble Streamer covers variety of RTMP live streaming scenarios

DVR: Live recording and MPEG-DASH playback

Nimble Streamer has DVR feature set which allows recording incoming live streams and provide playback via MPEG-DASH and HLS.

Streaming MPEG-DASH Video-on-Demand as origin server

Nimble Streamer allows efficiently streaming MPEG-DASH in VOD mode

MPEG-DASH re-streaming

If you have a pre-packetized content, you can set up MPEG-DASH re-streaming via your edge servers. Efficient caching will allow saving your resources and bandwidth.
Both live and VOD content can be re-streamed efficiently.


Nimble Streamer DRM provides content protection with digital rights management.

Live streaming, VOD and DVR playback modes are fully supported.

  • Google Widevine for MPEG-DASH via BuyDRM, EZDRM, PallyCon and custom key server.
  • Microsoft Playready for MPEG-DASH via BuyDRM, EZDRM and PallyCon.
  • Supports Widevine custom key server with key rotation.
  • Supports BuyDRM KeyOS.
  • Supports EZDRM key management with key rotation.
  • Supports PallyCon Multi-DRM SaaS.
Easy setup is described on Nimble Streamer DRM page.

Install Nimble Streamer now
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Free trial of WMSPanel included

Easy installation and upgrade

Nimble Streamer can be installed in a couple of small steps and upgraded to the latest version by running two or three simple commands in console.

Let us know if you need any help and search through our documentation to find more information.

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