what's the syntax for using my IP for SRT / RTMP ?

Adam 2020-08-13 20:09:57 UTC in Nimble Streamer

I'm looking for a way to monitor and record SRT and/or RTMP streams. So this question is so simple and dumb it's glossed over in the help documents because you all already know this.

But when I'm setting up the SRT or RTMP pull how exactly do I do that ? I'm trying to have my local computer be the server effectively.

Do I just go find my public IP address with and then using that with a :10000 for a port number for example? Or is it /live?

(I have a streaming box that can send RTMP from the field and a camera that can send an SRT, but I don't know how to receive and record them locally in an easy way.)

Sergei 2020-08-14 01:17:29 UTC 

Hello, Adam.

It's more networking-related questions and solutions can differ due to different LAN to Internet connection options. That's why we are not covering it in our documentation.

I assume you've already made some SRT or RTMP ports available for pushing to your server, and if you're talking about public IP, I conclude that your streaming box and camera also have public IPs assigned.
For your reference, SRT uses srt://IP:port and its setup described in the following documentation page:
RTMP uses rtmp://IP:port/app/stream URL for pushing or pulling,

In most cases, public IP reported by some public IP discovering services is the IP assigned on the WAN interface of your router, and your local computer receives some Local IP from your router. (not public). You need to make a special translation rule (PAT or NAT) in your router settings to pass a connection to the public IP/port directly to your local computer's IP/port. Please check your router documentation on creating this rule.

Thank you

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