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streaming stopped with flowplayer

Dave 2017-06-26 13:11:47 UTC in Nimble Streamer

we have been using the nimble transcoder to do hls streaming however we would like to utalize flowplayer as our main player for our clients however when we try to use hls option they have the stream will play for maybe 20 mins or somtimes even an hr and then it stops or freezes, we have reached out to them and they have tested the stream and this is the response we have gotten from them


There is a problem with your stream. This is the error:
details: "manifestParsingError"
fatal: true
reason: "no level found in manifest"
type: "networkError"

the stream url they tested was

is there anyway to look into this and see where this manifest error is coming from

Alex Pokotilo 2017-06-27 02:46:58 UTC

it's very hard to say what does "no level found in manifest" means by probably they means that playlist doesn't contain items to play after some time. May be this is due to the fact that stream interrupted for some short period of time. Please analyze your nimble.log and see if you have source stream interruptions or encoded stream interruption when problem reproduced. make sure you set debug logging in the panel before you start your tests. after tests set log level to the value you had previously.

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