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problem outputting playlist_dvr.m3u8 to mp4

Ricardo 2016-08-05 01:45:39 UTC in Nimble Streamer

The playlist_dvr.m3u8 outputs separate sessions as one contiguous video stream.

I followed directions to use ffmpeg to convert to an mp4 file. But I always lose a lot of content when doing that.

For example, I have one playlist_dvr.m3u8 which is 36:20 in duration. When I convert to mp4 it results in a video file 19:31 in duration.

I use this command:
ffmpeg -i http://localhost:8080/live/test/playlist_dvr.m3u8 -codec copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc /shared/tmp/test.mp4

When I run that command I see a ton of warning messages like this

[mp4 @ 0x3057780] Non-monotonous DTS in output stream 0:1; previous: 16898566, current: 16891056; changing to 16898567. This may result in incorrect timestamps in the output file.

Does anyone else see errors like this?

Alex Pokotilo 2016-08-05 02:07:04 UTC

what is the source for live/test rtmp/rtsp/mpegts ?

Ricardo 2016-08-05 02:09:45 UTC

thanks for your quick reply

It's a live RTMP stream sent to nimble, and I have setup a DVR stream

Alex Pokotilo 2016-08-05 02:58:10 UTC

please dig a little deeper. what is sources stream from SDI/Sattelite or at least from that point you now about.
You should understand that messages like " previous: 16898566, current: 16891056; changing to 1689856" caused by source stream time problems so we know all story we can help with more probability

Ricardo 2016-08-05 04:32:14 UTC

I don't follow what you mean.

I'm streaming a live event using Open Broadcaster Software sending an RTMP stream to nimble streamer.

After the streaming sessions are complete (no longer live streaming) I playback the playlist_dvr.m3u8 using ffmpeg in order to convert to mp4.

The reason there are time problems is because there are multiple streams from starting and stopping the broadcaster. But playlist_dvr plays a contiguous stream totaling 36:20 duration. But ffmpeg when converting to mp4 only gets 19 minutes

Ricardo 2016-08-05 05:02:25 UTC

Is there another way to convert the dvr stream in playlist_dvr.m3u8 to mp4?

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