Set up help for phone screen cap to twitch/youtube

adogbiscuit 2017-02-19 09:10:35 UTC in Nimble Streamer

I have read many different guides on how to set up the server(s) but i just can not for the life of me figure out how to get it set up so i can capture my phone display or camera (using larix broadcaster and screencapture) inorder to pick up a live feed with xsplit/obs to then push to twitch/youtube. Any/all help would be awesome!

Yury Udovichenko 2017-02-19 11:36:30 UTC 


Can you describe again what should be the chain of delivery for your case?

Usually people stream directly fro Larix Screencaster to YouTube and Twitch. Is this want you'd like to do?

adogbiscuit 2017-02-19 20:35:02 UTC 

No going from the screencaster to twitch is a little to unpolished for me really. What i'm looking for is more like this Broadcaster/screencapture -> Nimble -> Xsplit -> Twitch/youtube
or even possibly
Broadcaster/screencapture -> Nimble -> Xsplit -> Nimble ->Twitch/youtube
In the second setup the second nimble (on a different computer) would be a push server to multiple streaming sites at the same time. I know xsplit does this already but it does take extra cpu power to stream to multiple sites.

Yury Udovichenko 2017-02-20 00:55:48 UTC 

Can you share why you'd like to use Xsplit in this delivery chain? This could be much simpler without it.

adogbiscuit 2017-02-20 01:12:26 UTC 

I use xsplit selling for the production value transitioning between scenes, using my overlays, facecams, notifications, ect. I would like to do stuff while I'm out and about for stuff like twitch's new irl category, Pokemon go, and help with my local community based irl events.

Alex Pokotilo 2017-02-20 01:52:34 UTC 

Please check how Xsplit can pull rtmp/rtsp streams then publish from Screencaster into Nimble streamer and then pull from Nimble via xsplit.

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