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Server-Side-Task-Control, re-start only once

Joël 2015-08-11 20:52:55 UTC in WMSPanel functionality

Hello, is it possible, when a command fails, that he will retry it for a period of time or maybe over and over again, every 15sec ?

I'm recording with ffmpeg. And whenn the input stream isn't available yet he must retry it several times.

the output will be "Video_`date +%#F_%H.%M.%S`.mp4"
so no problems with overwriting the file.

Andrey Gridin 2015-08-12 01:53:37 UTC

Hello Joël,

All functionality you asked about is supported. Please see this blog article for details

Joël 2015-08-12 09:14:00 UTC

Hi Andrey, yes this is a useful artikel.
and Server-Side task control is a powerful tool in the panel. I love it.

But both options are checked: Autorestart and Restart if no output.

But in my case, the retry is only once.
He gets a input/output error of ffmpeg, and thats it.

Andrey Gridin 2015-08-12 09:25:53 UTC

Hi Joël,

Could you please perform new support request by sending e-mail to
Please also specify your task that is not restarted automatically in this e-mail for further analysis.

Vinicius Moll 2017-06-14 18:55:07 UTC

Hello there, I'm having trouble to execute simple comands using server tasks.

The task convertMp4-stream2 is returning Permission Denied. What shold i do to solve this kind of trouble. Tried to change permission of user nimble as root but still getting the same problem.

Here folows my two tasks:

"alias": "convertMp4-stream2",
"autorestart": true,
"command": "ffmpeg -i -codec copy -an /var/cache/nimble/dvr/live/",
"restart_if_no_output": true,
"restart_if_no_output_interval": 5,
"restart_interval": 2
"restart_interval": 15,
"restart_if_no_output_interval": 10,
"autorestart": true,
"restart_if_no_output": true,
"command": "aws s3 sync ./var/cache/nimble/dvr/live/* s3://streamsvod/vod",
"alias": "syncAWS-S3"

I'm looking forward for your help.


Max 2017-06-14 20:55:13 UTC

Hello Vinicius,

Nimble does not run server-side tasks under root user even if Nimble is running as root. Tasks are executed under user "nimble" so please make sure "nimble" can write to /var/cache/nimble/dvr/, but I'd suggest using some other directory to save .mp4 files.

Thank you.

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