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Gianni 2017-11-30 11:37:06 UTC in Paywall: WMSAuth and beyond

Hi there,
I need to activate a "pay-per-view" feature for our customers.

I set up WMSAuth Paywall, adding a password in the "Links re-publishing protection" section. Then I develop few lines of code to generate a signature and attach it to the URL of .m3u8 stream.

The clear signature is something like:

server_time=11/30/2017 11:31:52 AM&hash_value=T1ROx5DvFdHi6lyMa9p72w==&validminutes=20&id=23

(then converted in BASE64)
As you can see, the "id" parameter is present.

The "hash" is made from a string composed by:

(without dots)

as I found on this URL:

But the Global API are not sending me the "id" param so I can't evaluate it:


Where am I doing wrong?

Denis Slobodskoy 2017-12-01 05:36:40 UTC 

You have added all countries to white list, it means any client (except private network IP) can play it without authentication. As Nimble assumes no authentifaction is required, it just ignores wmsAuthSign you passed.

Please pay attention to that description from rule edit page:
1. All streams affected by this rule, are accessible for allowed users regardless of URL signature.
2. All streams affected by this rule, are forbidden for denied users regardless of URL signature.

Gianni 2017-12-01 13:20:18 UTC 

Thanks Denis, u r right.
Now I'm able to send "id" to WMS.

I have this issue now: the same .m3u8 with signature URL is working on VLC player but isn't with JWPlayer on the website ("no permission" error).

Any suggestion about it?

Denis Slobodskoy 2017-12-04 01:07:37 UTC 

it's hard to say; don't you use any proxy in browser? We should look at your page with player, is it public available?
At least check the details of .m3u8 request in browser debug console. Please submit your issue with detailed description via

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