SLDP videoplayer not playing RTMP from Aja Helo

Peejee 2020-03-31 15:42:53 UTC in Nimble Streamer


Nimble streamer is setup to deliver video streams ingested over RTMP to SLDP.

When broadcasting from OBS, Wirecast, FFmpeg and vMix.
The HLS stream playback works great (avc1.640028,mp4a.40.2) with videojs and with the Softvelum HTML5 SLDP Player for the SLDP stream.

Even with datarates up to 20.000.

But the thing is when we push a stream from our Aja Helo the SLDP player stays dark, no error, no message, nothing.

The console in the browser doesn't help me any further.

The HLS stream runs perfect in videojs. How should I troubleshoot this, is there a debug mode in the SLDP player? Anyone experience the same problem, anywhere to find help? Is there an other web player that can handle ws://?

Alex Pokotilo 2020-04-01 01:16:37 UTC 

please file new ticket via and specify sldp stream url working 24/7. we will try to figure out what is that.
Unfortunately sldp is proprietary protocol and there are no any other player with protocol support.
It has very small niche and nobody wanted to support it so we keep working on it proprietary

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