Possible for Nimble streamer to receive multicast SRT/UDP?

JoJoWaMo 2021-01-29 18:19:58 UTC in Nimble Streamer

Is there any scope that NS can receive a multicast SRT/UDP stream and it then can be passed along or transmuxed to outgoing SRT/UDP either as multicast or broken into individual programs?
I am aware multicast UDP (maybe SRT) OUT is a possibility but what about multicast in via SRT/UDP ?

Alex Pokotilo 2021-01-30 01:38:36 UTC 

SRT is not a multicast protocol at all and there is no way to use it as multicast. So you cannot use SRT in multicast more.
Nimble can receive UDP in multicast mode - you just need to setup multicast ip address in input settings.
Nimble also can send stream into multicast - you just need to stup multicast ip address in output settings

jojowamo 2021-01-30 14:01:02 UTC 

I ask after reading the re srt-multiplex (maybe that is what I meant):

Reading right through this also led me to believe it is possible:

And here where it says ‘multiple programs via single SRT channel’
(Under ‘set features in nimble streamer’ -regarding outgoing streaks)

Any further thoughts, maybe this is all UDP but I thought maybe possible that SRT can do this going on the links above, also considering SRT is heavily based on UDP it would make sense?


Alex Pokotilo 2021-01-31 04:21:01 UTC 

multichannel is not multicast.
multicast( is when sender sends a stream and multiple receivers get it and sender don't have to send the stream to each receiver.
multichannel is when you send multiple programs via single channel.

Nimble supports multicannel for both UDP and SRT.
Nimble supports multicast only for UDP as SRT doesn't support it

jojowamo 2021-01-31 08:18:17 UTC 

Thank you Alex,
Yes I always ever meant multiplex / multichannel
Then it’s is multichannel that I am after for trying to send multichannel SRT to nimble which is in listener mode.
Any ideas on how to set up nimble to receive a multichannel SRT and how to then break that up when streamed back out?
Thank you

Yury 2021-01-31 09:21:47 UTC 


You need to use MEGTS Out tab in live streams settings and create output streams manually for each channel.
You can refer to section 3 "Outgoing streams" in this article to see how it's done. That works the same way for SRT as it's also based on MPEGTS.

If you have any specific questions about the setup, you can post us a ticket:

JoJoWaMo 2021-01-31 14:42:19 UTC 

Thanks Yury
Great thank you.
Can we get multichannel / multiplex into nimble in listener mode? I can’t seem to find a way or document to support this.

Alex Pokotilo 2021-02-01 05:53:02 UTC 

It's not clear whether you already have SRT with multiple programs or you want to use nimble to combine multiple programs and send the resulting multichannel stream into another Nimble server.
Both cases are possible.
1)If you already have multichannel stream - just setup Nimble in listener mode and when use advice Yuri gave to you : "section 3 "Outgoing streams" in this article to see how it's done. That works the same way for SRT as it's also based on MPEGTS."
2) if you already setup several streams on Nimble and want to send them to another server: just add multiple streams via "Source application name" and "Source stream name" in "UDP streaming.
If you plan to use third party tool like ffmpeg to build multichannel stream - please search how to do that in appropriate tool forums or in Internet.
If you cannot get the answer, please file clear support request via

jojowamo 2021-02-01 13:08:04 UTC 

Thanks Alex,
We have multiple programs but would rather multichannel them first before sending to Nimble - as we feel this would be better for keeping them more in sync with each other instead of getting possibly different latency on each program.
Then we wish to receive into Nimble as an existing multichannel and likely then split this up into outgoing programs, but also maybe keep it as a multichannel too - that is to be decided. what we are after right now is multichannel into nimble as SRT if possible.
Thank you for your answers - we will get it all working with individual programs and then we will trial a multichannel SRT into an SRT listener port and see what we can do with it the other side as Yury suggests.
If we hit problems we will be in touch via support request.

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