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Monitor Servers system RAM and not just Nimble

Paul 2016-09-17 11:29:22 UTC in WMSPanel functionality

Please could the servers tab show the actual total RAM usage on servers?

Mine shows 24% RAM on one of my servers but when i use top, RAM was full, and stream was freezing often (cache problems).

Difficult to check every server via ssh and use top frequently.
Would be great if wmspanel could show this.


Paul 2016-09-17 11:44:26 UTC

Also, I think I have memory leak on many of my VPS. Not sure if that's from Apache, Nimble etc. I don't host websites, only use apache to host wget test files to check VPS speed, so I dont know if apache would have the memory leak.

After a few days, Nimble using 100MB, no free RAM.
Restart Nimble, no change.
Restart VPS, Nimble using 100MB, 400MB free RAM.

So I guess it isn't Nimble but until I find the problem, it would be great to see all servers actual RAM usage on 1 page.

Paul 2016-09-17 11:52:33 UTC

Also restart apache doesn't make any difference.
Even now looking at 1GB VPS, only 100MB free,
and top doesn't show anything using RAM :(

OK I think I know what the problem is. Using wget, on the host server, reduces free RAM very very quickly. And I often download 1GB test files.

I know you don't support linux etc but, any idea why, after RAM has been used to serve a file, why it Nimble doesn't take RAM back and streams freeze due to server being out of RAM?
Should I increase Nimble RAM cache so it reserves that part of memory perhaps?

Bit of a shame as I thought Nimble can run good on small RAM footprint, I did have 128MB VPS edge server at the start but have to keep upgrading them! :D

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