Low cache space error on Nimble streamer

Lemmy Kilmister 2021-01-13 20:32:54 UTC in Nimble Streamer

After this Low cache error , nimble service stops automaticly because of %100 ram usage. What can be couse of this .
This is happenning in all of 5 servers which runs on diffrent software versions.
All has 64gb of ram , 56gb max cache size.

Yury 2021-01-13 22:27:47 UTC 


First, check your "htop" command output to see what consumes the RAM.
Also, please upgrade your servers to the latest version of Nimble Streamer.
If the issue still exists and it concerns Nimble instance please file us a support ticket via

Lemmy Kilmister 2021-01-16 14:19:43 UTC 

Hello ,

Nimble service consumes more than %80 and increasing by time untill the service stops because of %100 ram usage. . we have to restart the service every 12 hours in order it to work. Is old versions have this kind of bug ? we dont think uprageding will solve this .

Yury 2021-01-17 02:13:13 UTC 

You need to file a ticket with server details as it's not possible to guess what's going on on that server.
And upgrading to a newer version is a good idea in general as we continuously improve Nimble's performance.

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