Larix Broadcaster - Return Feed

Jonathan 2020-06-26 13:01:10 UTC in WMSPanel functionality

Would it be possible to add the ability to view a return feed in Larix Broadcaster? I'd love to be able to view a webrtc stream for return video/audio from studio for example, so the user can hear the studio but only have to use one device.

Yury 2020-06-26 13:16:32 UTC 

Hi Jonathan,

We have this kind of functionality in our plans for this year. This will likely be SRT audio feedback from other SRT-capable software. I'll be glad to share any beta versions with you to get some first impressions and thoughts from an active user.

Thank you!

Jonathan 2020-06-26 14:00:36 UTC 

Thanks Yury as return SRT feed would be a step in the right direction. We would be looking to send back from vMix so generating an SRT output would be easy. If possible I would like to pursue the Webrtc option as this would be even lower latency, particularly when participants are trying to interact with each other.

I'd definitely be very happy to test any betas for you.

Yury 2020-06-27 02:47:16 UTC 

WebRTC isn't a good option as it requires deep integration between counterparts. That's why SRT is a much better option, especially having lower "latency" parameter.

Jonathan 2020-06-27 05:15:31 UTC 

Ok. I’d be really happy with SRT return - the lower latency the better. Could it be done with SLDP as an option as well?

Yury 2020-06-27 12:24:24 UTC 

Most likely later on we'll provide the feedback via all protocols supported by our mobile player, including SLDP and Icecast. But first it will be SRT for sure.

Jonathan 2020-06-27 15:20:00 UTC 

Brilliant news!

Yoni 2020-07-29 14:09:30 UTC 

To recieve a voice feedback for our broadcaster is crucial for us as well.
Would love to get the beta release.
Also throwing in another need is to recieve short textual chat messages in Larix app (for the same reason as the voice).

Yury 2020-07-29 23:16:40 UTC 

Yoni, thank you for the idea!

Jonathan 2020-10-10 14:32:30 UTC 

Hi Yuri, just wondering if there was any progress with this?

Yury 2020-10-11 00:30:01 UTC 

Hi Jonathan,
We have it in our roadmap for November/December most probably.

Robert 2020-10-11 13:07:35 UTC 

Can't wait for this new feature. As well as background running of the app too.

Dave 2020-10-11 15:16:21 UTC 

Great news

Yury 2020-10-11 22:10:31 UTC 

Robert, background is available in Android version already. On iOS it will not be available any time soon - it's just not allowed by the iOS.

Tony 2020-10-14 16:25:01 UTC 

It will be good to allow an audio only version of the send and return feed to save bandwidth. We will be using it for communications for staff working from home.

Yury 2020-10-14 22:36:46 UTC 

Tony, why not using messengers like Zoom or Skype for this?

Tony 2020-10-14 22:58:56 UTC 

Yes, that is what is done now. It would be good to integrate everything into one platform

Yury 2020-10-14 23:15:18 UTC 

OK, got it.

Marco 2020-11-11 11:14:31 UTC 

Hi, a return SRT feed would be fantastic- is it possible to get the beta release?

Thanks Marco

Yury 2020-11-11 12:01:45 UTC 

Once we have this feature we'll release it after proper testing, stay tuned :)

Robert 2020-11-11 12:45:13 UTC 

I would like to ask for new features, if you don't mind:
- Background executing in iOS devices
- SRT return feed (so that the guest can see the master pgm)
- Bonding possibilities (bond the internal 4G with Wi-fi mifi for instance)
- IFB audio return from studio
- Remote configuration of the app from the studio

Yury 2020-11-12 00:32:17 UTC 

Robert, here's what we got regarding those features:
- Background in iOS has resource limitation so we doubt we can fit Broadcaster into that.
- We plan adding IFB via SRT, audio will be the primary media for return feed.
- Bonding is implemented on OS level, we cannot handle it on application level.
- This is a deep custom development as it requires some control panel or control app to manipulate from studio, plus some protocol for remote control etc. The idea is great but it needs a lot of efforts to design and implement properly. If we ever get back to it, I'll contact you to figure out the use case and initial requirements.

Thank you.

Robert 2020-11-12 20:15:05 UTC 

Thanks a lot for the feedback.
- Regarding the bonding feature, why other apps are able to achieve it like the LiveU app, Dejero app, Aviwest app and TVU app?
- Regarding the remote configuration. A common use case is that the end user of the Larix app is not a "technical user". Now, we send the a groove link with all the parameters pre-configured but there are some of them that cannot be configured and the user needs to dive in the app and set it. (Like stabilization on/off, variable framerate on/off and so on.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Yury 2020-11-12 23:27:11 UTC 

We may consider approaching bonding later on but when we considered it last time, it was very tricky.

As for missing options in Grove - we've recently released its update, so now collect feedback again to see what people may find useful. So we'll consider adding those options as well.

Tony 2020-11-13 04:34:52 UTC 

@ Yury I agree with Robert on a way to make the configuration easier.

@ Robert As for bonding I am willing to wait until SRT 1.5 is out as it will have bonding and it might be easier to implement. However, I don't see a strong use case for cellular and wifi bonding. If people are at home I don't think it is needed. If they are on the field my experience is that it is better than nothing but doesn't work well. The only use case that works well is multiple sim card bonding that requires the user to have another phone. They can tether via wifi to another phone and bond with the on board sim card too. The reality is not everyone will have a second phone. They will still call if there are issues. I find it easier to have them stream at 1mbit SD

@ Yuri it would be great to have QR codes that will have an ideal 3mbit config and a 1mbit config so that can try them before they call in for help.

Yury 2020-11-13 05:54:55 UTC 

Tony thanks for your feedback! Regarding configuration - it's possible to add some of encoder settings into Grove QR code so that might do the job.

Yury 2020-12-28 23:31:53 UTC 

Talkback is now in beta!
Check this summary page:

On Android it's in Beta program.

On iOS it's in TestFlight public beta use this link to join:

Please feel free to share your feedback.

Jonathan 2020-12-29 09:01:18 UTC 

Amazing Yury. Will get testing!

Tony 2021-01-30 16:51:47 UTC 

Will the final product have a way to turn off video to save both battery and bandwidth?

Yury 2021-01-31 00:15:28 UTC 


We have audio-only streaming for that. Go to Settings -> Audio and enable Audio-only capture.

Tony 2021-02-01 00:30:58 UTC 

The return feed works well. Can you provide an option to turn on acoustic echo canceling? It is built into IOS and Android core development. This will make it easier for work from home staff where a phone may be plugged in 8 hours a day.

Yury 2021-02-01 01:32:02 UTC 

We have that in our wish list, just haven't had time to implement that yet.

Jonathan 2021-02-01 08:29:14 UTC 

Is there any plan to add return SRT video option soon?

Yury 2021-02-01 11:29:23 UTC 

Jonathan, we are now collecting feedback from our users about Talkback, and after a while we'll make our further plans about future changes. We can already see the interest for Video return feed, so we'll think about for sure.
Have you tried the audio feedback already?

Tony 2021-02-04 00:21:29 UTC 

It would be nice to have a physical or virtual push to talk button option so the mics by default remains muted. The director is the only mic that should be open all the time. They should be talking the technicians to tell them what to do. The camera person or the replay person should only talk if there is a problem so the mic should be muted unless a button is held down.

Yury 2021-02-04 02:48:13 UTC 

Right now there's only "mute/unmute" logic for the button which you see on an image preview screen. Push-to-talk would be kind of a third state, like we have for streaming pause on log top on record button.
We'll think about that, but for now current mute logic will work for you I think.

Tony 2021-02-04 03:58:39 UTC 

We are happy with the features now. There seems to be 2 use cases, one is for internal communications and what we want to use it for to replace zoom and the other is to do interviews which will require a video return feed and the purpose is also to replace zoom and get better video quality.

Yury 2021-02-04 04:02:03 UTC 

Video feed is definitely a good idea, we got it in our wishlist.

Tony 2021-02-04 04:09:21 UTC 

For our use the video return for interviews would only be helpful if:
1. The AEC was implemented
2. if there was a desktop app for zoom style interviews
Right now the only way to get Larix broadcaster working on a desktop is with a new M1 Macbook
It seems to work quite well.

Yury 2021-02-04 09:32:12 UTC 

The AEC is in our wishlist, a for desktop - we didn't do anything specific to support Mac :)

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