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Install Nimble Streamer for Ubuntu 17.10 artful

puz 2017-12-07 04:28:11 UTC in Nimble Streamer

Hi there,
I tried installation for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial into Ubuntu 17.10 artful, unfortunately giving error:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
nimble : Depends: libjson-c2 (>= 0.10) but it is not installable
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

Would It be possible to install Nimble on Ubuntu 17.10 (libjson-c3) or should I wait for release of 'deb artful/'?

Thanks in advance

Alex Pokotilo 2017-12-07 05:44:32 UTC

Unfortunately we do not provide Nimble packages for Ubuntu 17.10, it may be possible to install Nimble for 16.04 on 17.10 adding Nimble and base OS repository for 16.04 to get dependencies, but I'm not sure. I'd suggest to use supported OS version on the server.

puz 2017-12-07 09:55:57 UTC

Thanks for your prompt response Alex. I agree with your suggestion. I nonetheless attempted 16.04 libjson-c2 installation on my test machine, nimble server installed and is now configured and streaming test is going ok.

Url to libjson repository:

.deb file for 64bits, saved to Downloads folder:

Command line libjson-c2 installation:
sudo apt-get install '/home/username/Downloads/libjson-c2_0.11-4ubuntu2_amd64.deb'

Then standard procedure for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus as explained in

Best regards

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