How Do I Stream with OBS?

Basspig 2022-10-06 01:12:43 UTC in Nimble Streamer

Former nginx streamer, but not happy with the unreliability.. someone pointed me to Nimble Streamer as a good reliable alternative, but I am having difficulty getting it to work. "OBS failed to connect to server." is where I'm at now.
I've set Push login, password, then application: HLS, DASH, RTMP, etc, then interface (IP of the server on the LAN and port 1935, live pull settings, republishing points to the folder on my server where I want the HLS .ts files and playlist to go.
The MPEG TS IN reports a red "!" and I notice it has port 80 set, which might conflict with IIS 10, running on this Windows 10 web server.
MPEG TS OUT has a green checkmark.

When I stream via OBS OBS cannot find a server.

Aleksandr 2022-10-06 10:24:00 UTC 

If you're publishing from OBS via RTMP:
1. Create an RTMP interface where Nimble will be listening.
Check nimble.log file for any error messages e.g. bind fail due to any conflict, etc;
2. Publish from OBS to Nimble.
Note 'stream key' in OBS is just a stream name in terms of RTMP:
If OBS can't connect but Nimble is listening on your defined port - check system Firewall first.
The resulting stream will be present in 'Live streams' section of WMSpanel.

If you're publishing from OBS via e.g. MPEGTS SRT:
1. Create an SRT listening rule in 'MPEGTS in' section of WMSpanel;
2. Name the incoming stream via 'MPEGTS out' section;

To check your streams live you can use our test web pages:
For non-SSL URLs:

Aleksandr 2022-10-06 10:54:36 UTC 

For HTTP port - Nimble is listening at 8081 port by default, on all interfaces.
You can define the desired port to bind via nimble.conf file, parameter: port = <>, Nimble service restart is required after modifying nimble.conf;
More details:

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