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Geo balance by ping to server

Paul 2016-03-14 01:13:20 UTC in Nimble Streamer

Is there any plans for this?

It seems like a LOT of work to add all the 2 digit country codes to create load balance for each individual country.
Then what about Asia, very big continent. If I create lists manually and force user in West Asia (Iran etc) to connect to server in Singapore, maybe they will not have a good connection and would be better connected to server in Europe.
But I wont know this.
Would be great if ping test to servers and connect to best ping...maybe?

Alex Pokotilo 2016-03-14 01:49:30 UTC

But if you ping server from client side what exactly you expect to implement from server ?
If you expect serve to ping client you should understand that it's not possible

Paul 2016-03-14 12:59:56 UTC

So client connects to the closest server based on ping times.

It seems a very large amount of work to manually add 2 digit ISO code for every country in the world to the php script.
Then to also go through every sub-region for the big countries, another few hundred codes to add.

How do other CDN / streaming providers manage this?

Paul 2016-03-14 13:08:05 UTC

I guess it is done by DNS load balancing by a 3rd party provider such as one of these:

Maybe something that could be implemented in the future.

For now I will have user select their (closest) location and go to different video player pages based on where my edge servers are located, UK, USA, Australia. Or maybe I can find a geo based plugin for wordpress to rewrite links automatically based on continent or sub-continent (eg South Europe). This would save loads of work having to add every country 2 digit code etc.

Paul 2017-05-08 11:16:19 UTC

Maybe one day you can work on adding something such as "anycast", or some better DNS balancing to get users to nearest video server?

Seems to be easier than complicated geo balance and load balance setup where I have to enter every single country 2 digit code, and then even, sub continents ISO code...hundreds and hundreds of them :(

Mārcis Pauls 2017-05-10 08:14:45 UTC

We use route53 for GEO balancing, works not 100% accurate, but is enough for us.

Paul 2017-05-12 12:11:59 UTC

Excellent, thank for your reply - I will look in to it. Glad to know another Nimble user has had success with it.


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