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Geo Balance and load balance both active

Paul 2016-07-20 15:07:59 UTC in WMSPanel functionality

Is it possible to have geo balance and load balance, both active?

I have viewers around the world and have set up geo balance. It is working quite well.

However, a small amount of viewers complain sometimes. Maybe when servers is busy.
I would like to have extra servers for some countries, using load balance.

Before I spend a lot of time reading about it, please can you tell me if it is even possible using nimble geo and load balance code (as seen on github)?


Yury Udovichenko 2016-07-21 03:37:01 UTC

Hi Paul,

The load and geo balance code which you see on guthub are based on Nimble Streamer direct API and MaxMind geo IP. The applications there demonstrate how you can use Nimble methods calls as well as use IP for making decisions about giving proper URLs to connect.
So you can use these code samples to combine both approaches based on your own business logic. This will perhaps require programming from your side which you will need to do yourself, but I'm sure you will be able to create a solution suited for you.

Paul 2016-11-14 14:37:21 UTC

Is load balancer only for first connection and stream URL for one specific server?

Sometimes a VPS has a problem on the node and viewer get disconnected, due to VPS hanging or upload bandwidth is very slow for a few moments for some reason.

Maybe load balancer would not help in this case?

Can you recommend anything else for backup stream or is it simple as just having 2 URLs on playlist ?

Yury Udovichenko 2016-11-15 05:33:56 UTC

The described approach works during the time when the player page is displayed to the viewer. Dynamic load balancing is not covered yet.

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