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File cache / DVR - VOD or Live

Paul 2016-09-03 11:25:51 UTC in Nimble Streamer

Is DVR content considered VOD?

Some edge servers might have small disk (10GB).
If viewer requests DVR stream it comes from origin.
They watch 2 hours, let's say that's 2GB. Would this be stored on edge disk cache or no?

Lets say, bandwidth origin to edge = 50mbps.
(Edge to local viewers is OK - 100mbps+)
What happened if 100 viewers requested the same (1mbps) file?
(a few minutes apart, so it is not stored in RAM cache). Would it try to send the file 100 times (simultaneously) to serve to 100 viewers?

Or would this 2 hour DVR stream be stored on edge disk cache because it was stored there recently after the last request?

And if it doesn't work like this, maybe it's an idea?


Max 2016-09-05 08:39:04 UTC

Hello Paul,

DVR content can be sent in both modes (Live or VOD) depending on input stream activity i.e. while stream is active and archive is being recorded it is sent as Live, so when re-streamed caching will also follow that logic.

It may make sense to cache it only as VOD using disk, we'll consider implementing this logic.

Thank you.

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