Failover not working

Paul 2019-03-03 20:04:36 UTC in WMSPanel functionality

Do failover URL app name and stream name need to be indentical?

E.g., I have stream "bbcone" on my "hlshigh" app.
if it is offline I want to pull backup stream "bbconelight" from "backup" app.

Live Pull Settings:
edge server app - hlshigh
pulls from origin app - tvhigh
primary: rtmp://
backup: rtmp://

the backup stream works in VLC - rtmp://

in a test web page set to play "bbconelight" via the hlshigh app on edge server, it does not pull the backup.
When bbconelight is not found on "hlshigh" (or "tvhigh" on origin) should it then pull from "backup"?

Thank you.

Denis Slobodskoy 2019-03-04 02:16:05 UTC 

Certainly Nimble should switch to backup stream when primary is not available, but probably source server reports offline stream incorrectly.
Does VLC show any error for primary stream when you trying to playing it while it offline?

Paul 2019-03-04 12:30:44 UTC 

The primary stream does not exist.
bbconelight is published to origin backup app with nothing on origin primary app - this is to test failover working.

Web page is set to play bbconelight - which is not found on primary app, so failover should happen?

But, there has never been bbconelight on the primary app.
Here is something strange:

Today I published bbconelight to primary app, then stopped it and published to backup app again.
Now the failover works on the origin server!

Edge server still does not failover when pulling from origin.
Edge server pulls correctly from primary app normally, so this works.
Edge server will also play from backup app if I set the playlist to play backup app (not via failover).

So everything works, apps, streams, live pull from origin etc.
But not when it's all together - failover not working on edge pulling from origin.

edge server
hlshigh app pull from
rtmp:// - works on its own
rtmp:// - works on its own
no failover on edge. (set playlist to origin server (same app names) and failover works).

What if source server was offline? Is failover calculated on origin server and not on edge?

Thank you

Denis Slobodskoy 2019-03-05 02:28:04 UTC 

There should be no difference between origin and edge server. I guess it may not work properly with dynamic stream names. Try to set log mode to "verbose" and check nimble.log for messages related to livepull.
Also I would recommend to submit support ticket on and provide more details.

Paul 2019-03-05 16:20:44 UTC 

Thank you for the reply.

I tried a live pull rule with naming the stream and not dynamic but it was the same.

I enabled verbose log, it said "no route for url '':'/hlshigh/bbconelight/playlist.m3u8"

So I tried the test on a different edge server and it seems to be working!

So one of my edge servers must have a configuration error. Despite that I copied and pasted the config from the other working edge server just yesterday! I will set the server up like from new again...

But thanks for the replies. Will open a support ticket if I find it is still not working correctly.


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