Disk Cache is empty?

Alex 2021-07-28 11:04:39 UTC in Nimble Streamer

Hello. What should I do for the cache to start working? I see only 1 "sessions.db" file of 4MB in /var/cache/nimble folder. This is ssd disk and I allowed it to occupy 490GB of disk space in nimble.conf. I also configured RAM cache, but it seems that it also does not work correctly. RAM is occupied only by 2GB out of the allowable 15GB. I have 200-250 online connections and 5TB of videos on demand. I don't believe my cache is working correctly.


port = 8081
logging = info
worker_threads = 8
max_cache_size = 15360
max_disk_cache_size = 491520
cache_path = /var/cache/nimble
ssl_port = 30443
ssl_certificate = /etc/nimble/cert.pem
ssl_certificate_key = /etc/nimble/privkey.pem
transmuxer_threads = 1
vod_chunk_duration = 1
vod_cache_timeout = 720
vod_cache_min_storage_time = 350
vod_to_ram_cache_first = true

I want the video to start streaming as quickly as possible.

Sergei 2021-07-29 00:07:05 UTC 

Hello, Alex.

Disk cache is filled when the requests to VOD files are performed and its usage is reported to WMSPanel.
RAM cache is used for transmuxing, not as VOD cache.

Please find details on the VOD cache in the following article:

Please file a ticket at to give us details on your account and the exact server name you have issues with.

Thank you

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