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Cache performance on Nimble

Sebastian Perez 2016-11-20 19:18:28 UTC in Nimble Streamer

Hello, I have created a Nimble streamer and it works great. But as soon as I configure a Cache Control for playlists and chunks, performance goes to floor.. Live Streams freezes al over and sometimes I get kicked from the stream..

max_cache_size = 6144
vod_to_ram_cache_first = true
chunk_cache_control = max-age=120
playlist_cache_control = max-age=30

If I remove the cache_control settings, all works great.. But I really need the cache because I'm using a CDN (onApp) and it honors directly the cache on the origin..

My nimble streamer server has 32 GB Ram 8 Cores, and SSDs storage disks, and 1gbps ethernet port.. I guess it's not resources, I may have something misconfigured..

Do you have any troubles with this?

Alex Pokotilo 2016-11-21 02:17:41 UTC

if you ask CDN to use cache for playlist for live via playlist_cache_control = max-age=30 it probably save playlist for given interval but live stream require playlist to be actual.
Try to remove "playlist_cache_control = max-age=30" and if works try to decrease playlist_cahe_control interval to minimum possible chunk duration. if you have duration set to 6 seconds I'd recommend to set "playlist_cache_control = max-age=6".

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