30 second delay between FMLE and WMSPanel

Vern 2015-12-07 03:01:14 UTC in WMSPanel functionality


I've noticed that when i start streaming from FMLE to WMS, the delay is around 30-40 seconds.

Is there any way i can tune this so the delay is much less, like a couple of seconds?


Alex Pokotilo 2015-12-07 03:23:31 UTC 

If you play via HLS/Dash or other http segment-based protocols you face with such delay. if low delay is essential in your case you should use rtmp/rtsp. Please note rtmp/rtsp playback is not native for mobile devices.
If you want to reduce delay for dash/hls you can use small chunk duration. By default Nimble use 6 seconds but you can set it to 2 seconds and try. I'd not recommend to do that

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