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We will monitor your stream and if anything goes wrong we'll let you know. It's super easy – try it out!

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10% discount

Get 10% off the best live streaming encoders: Softvelum and Haivision partner to offer you reliable, low latency video streaming over the public internet with SRT.

Read this article for more details.


Nimble Streamer may now handle multiple SSL certificates for any number of hosts. Read this article for details.


Reliable Low Latency Delivery with SRT+SLDP: new post in Haivision blog describing a combination of both protocols for building reliable delivery networks.


Nimble Streamer performance tuning: we've summarized some of useful techniques in this article.


Amazon EC2 for HEVC encoding: discover instance types for H.265 live transcoding in our article.

Ads insertion

Nimble Advertizer: introducing live streaming server-side ads insertion framework for Icecast.

Pre-rolls, mid-rolls, personalized ads and more for your online radio.

2017 news

Our team had a great year so we described major news of our company from 2017

Happy New Year! 

Is your stream working? Check your stream availability, free of charge

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The check over is performed via distributed network of checkpoints, each checkpoint is a server powered by Nimble Streamer instance.
HLS, RTMP, Smooth, HDS, DASH, RTSP, Shoutcast and Icecast protocols are supported including SSL/TLS for RTMP, RTSP and HLS.

Enter the stream URL to start the availability check over. For HTTP protocols like HLS you should specify the URL of the playlist or manifest.

E.g: http://video.wmspanel.com/local/raw/nimble.mp4/playlist.m3u8

The results will appear below.

To improve HTTP streaming robustness and scalability, you can use Nimble Streamer as your re-streaming edge as well as live streaming origin server.

Action Amsterdam, Netherlands San Francisco, USA New York, USA Singapore, Asia Frankfurt, Germany Toronto, Canada
Validate URL - - - - - -
Validate protocol - - - - - -
Resolve server name - - - - - -
Connect to server - - - - - -
Send stream request - - - - - -
Get stream info - - - - - -
Get full stream info - - - - - -
Parse stream info - - - - - -
Check for redirect - - - - - -
Check stream availability - - - - - -