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IBC 2017

IBC 2017 is starting September, 14th, bringing streaming professionals from around the globe.

Our company representatives - CEO Yury Udovichenko and CTO Alex Pokotilo - are visiting IBC2017 September 15th to 19th.
If you'd like to have a chat about our products and services then you are highly welcomed to meet.

Drop a note to our helpdesk to schedule a meeting with our team.


Vote for Softvelum Nimble Streamer and Live Transcoder in Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards 2017.


Jan Ozer wrote a great review regarding our Live Transcoder.

UDT protocol

UDT - UDP-based Data Transfer Protocol - is now available in Nimble Streamer.
Visit this page for more details.

SRT Rendezvous

SRT Rendezvous mode is now available in Nimble Streamer. Read this updated article for details.

latency tolerance

Use SLDP player latency tolerance against playback glitches.
Read this article for more details.

start time

Make quick start for live stream using offset parameter in SLDP player.
Read this article for details.


VAAPI support for VP8 encoding is now available in Live Transcoder, read this article for setup details.


SLDP HTML5 web player now supports VP8 and VP9 codecs for playback in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
Read this article for details.


You can republishing streams from Nimble Streamer to Periscope, check this article for details.


VP8 and VP9 are now supported in Nimble Live Transcoder for both input and output.
Read this article for details.


SLDP web player is now able to handle ABR SLDP real-time live streaming. Try it in action using latest Nimble and SLDP player versions.

android player

Android SLDP Player for RTMP and SLDP is now available in Google Play, you can get its sources in Android SDK.

SRT support

Secure Reliable Transport is now fully supported in all modes. It's a UDP-based protocol with errors correction and built-in security.

Softvelum is now also a member of SRT Alliance.


HEVC transcoding, SLDP protocol, iOS playback SDK and other must-read news from Q2 of 2017: read them in this newsletter.

Is your stream working? Check your stream availability, free of charge

Check any stream right now for free

The check over is performed via distributed network of checkpoints, each checkpoint is a server powered by Nimble Streamer instance.
HLS, RTMP, Smooth, HDS, DASH, RTSP, Shoutcast and Icecast protocols are supported including SSL/TLS for RTMP, RTSP and HLS.

Enter the stream URL to start the availability check over. For HTTP protocols like HLS you should specify the URL of the playlist or manifest.

E.g: http://video.wmspanel.com/local/raw/nimble.mp4/playlist.m3u8

The results will appear below.

To improve HTTP streaming robustness and scalability, you can use Nimble Streamer as your re-streaming edge as well as live streaming origin server.

Action Amsterdam, Netherlands San Francisco, USA New York, USA Singapore, Asia Frankfurt, Germany Toronto, Canada
Validate URL - - - - - -
Validate protocol - - - - - -
Resolve server name - - - - - -
Connect to server - - - - - -
Send stream request - - - - - -
Get stream info - - - - - -
Get full stream info - - - - - -
Parse stream info - - - - - -
Check for redirect - - - - - -
Check stream availability - - - - - -