vbv-maxrate doesn't seem to work

Shane 2020-04-14 02:55:49 UTC in Nimble Streamer

Hi there,

Using Transcoder to create ABR HLS.

I am not having any luck getting vbv-maxrate to work (using this as a reference:

For my 360p stream, here are my settings:

Encoder: libx264
Keyframe alignment: source
Codec: h264
Preset: veryfast
profile: baseline
vbv-maxrate: 600
vbv-bufsize: 1835
crf: 20

This results in a stream of about 1150 kbps. (including 128k audio).

I would think it would be closer to the maxrate of 600.

Am I missing something?


Shane 2020-04-14 03:32:45 UTC 

Ah, perhaps I need to reduce bufsize to minimize the variability? Experimenting now, but I think that is what I was missing.

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