UDP Streaming via SRT Out using Raw MPEGTS is removing null packets

Aaron 2023-10-07 00:13:50 UTC in WMSPanel functionality

When doing UDP Streaming with SRT Out using Raw MpegTS null packets are getting removed at some point in the process. If I switch to UDP with Raw MpegTS this doesn't happen.

This null packet omission is causing PCR Accuracy Errors and causing some issues with hardware based downstream encoders via SRT. Just normal UDP has no issues and null packets are being preserved. Is this expected why is SRT not maintaining null packets out the output.

Sergei 2023-10-09 08:00:24 UTC 

Hello, Aaron.

If RAW MPEGTS is used as a source for SRT, no processing is applied to this source MPEGTS and it is passed intact.
Anyway, could you share more details about your research/issue you've faced and open a ticket at

Thank you.

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