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Alex 2023-01-19 06:11:27 UTC in Paywall: WMSAuth and beyond

I can not configure ignoring the IP check.
I set "restrict_session_ip = false" and updated the player code (see screenshot). But he still checks the IP and the nimble in the logs:
[work2] E: cannot find hash match for *another_ip*

What else should I do?

I tried adding an IP address rule to the restriction, and just allowed, and it works well.
But in this case, I also need to add all ipv6 addresses. How can I do it?

Aleksandr 2023-01-19 06:33:28 UTC 

The "restrict_session_ip = false" is for session tracking, it won't help for WMSauth Hotlinking protection, as a customer's IPaddr is used to generate the hash while composing the signature.
Consider using the PPV signature instead:
IP check is optional in this case, users are identified per their IDs.

Alex 2023-01-19 06:51:34 UTC 

actually I just want to fix the player that works through cloudflare
because at the moment users with ipv6 cannot see the video, and at the same time I do not have ipv6 to track the error and fix it
my streamer server also has ipv6

Aleksandr 2023-01-19 07:56:58 UTC 

A customer's IPaddr is detected by your Hotlinking-protection signature generator and by Nimble, it's involved in the hash generation process at both ends, i.e. both ends should support IPv6 and IPv4 (or IPv4-only) for the scheme to operate correctly, because the IPaddr a user reaches Nimble&Web-server with (via cloudflare or directly) should be the same in order for the calculated hashes to match.
The parameter 'enable_ipv6 = true' in '/etc/nimble/nimble.conf' enables IPv6 at Nimble.
In some specific cases it's required to manually define an IPv6 addr of a machine Nimble is running at: 'listen_interfaces = <list>'
If you have issues with troubleshooting I'd still suggest switching to PPV-type of signature in your case in order to get rid of Hotlinking IPaddr check routine.
For further analysis - share your playback web page URL.

Universal 2023-01-22 12:09:03 UTC 

can I somehow disable IP checking completely? I don't use cloudflare anymore, but people who use VPN have problems because their IP on the site and IP on the backend server with videos are different

Sergei 2023-01-23 04:36:02 UTC 


To clarify, do you need to disable IP checks, but allow signature checking?
You may use PPV for that, using some user ID instead of IP, as described below:

Thank you.

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