RTSP - SRT streaming problem

JM 2020-12-23 02:14:57 UTC in Nimble Streamer

I'm trying to get the following working:

Camera -- RTSP -- Nimble (RTSP in, SRT out) -- OpenVPN tunnel -- Nimble (SRT in, RTSP out) -- video client.

I've previously had this working with identical hardware, software versions and settings, but now am not able to, and am not sure why.

I've followed the helpful guide here:
And have confirmed my settings are as recommended (including latency and maxbw).
I've tried both the Listen/Pull and Rendezvous modes.

I've completely removed nimble and nimble-srt with apt-get purge at both ends, and have configured all settings in WMSPanel again from scratch.

But still no luck.

WMSPanel shows green ticks on all screens and accurately reports the expected bandwidth on the "MPEGTS In" screen for the second Nimble server.

Network connectivity seems find at all points.
I can see the incoming connection from the video client to the RTSP port on my second Nimble server with netstat.

I've triple checked that the Connection URI I'm using for the stream is set correctly in my video client.
VLC's log says "live555 error: Failed to connect with rtsp://..." when I use it to test.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Sergei 2020-12-23 04:52:11 UTC 


Please try checking other protocols, e.g. HLS, SLDP, or RTMP to make sure that the stream is passed fine via your VPN.
Checking Nimble's error.log is also can shed a light on the issue.

I'd like to recommend you to continue the discussion by launching a ticket at as we may request some details of your account and setup.

Thank you.

JM 2021-01-22 05:39:29 UTC 

Happy to report that I figured out the problem whilst getting ready to log a ticket.
Very simple - I didn't have the RTSP box ticked under Global > Protocols for the Nimble server at the receive end. Without that ticked, Nimble presumably couldn't output any RTSP streams.
Thanks for the suggestions!

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