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Aleksej 2022-11-01 11:54:41 UTC in Nimble Streamer

Good afternoon.
I am trying to set up a Publish Control. I added a "live2" application, set the password to 333 in the "Control" -> "Publish control" menu, and also set the http-url of the local server (which is available to the Nimble server) in the "Handler settings" tab.
When sending a stream using Larix Broadcaster to the Nimble server at rtmp://local-ip-adress/live2/stream (I specify live2 and password 333), an http-request is not sent to the specified address.
1. What needs to be done to send an http-request?
2. There are two pages where I can set a password:
- "Nimble Streamer", "Live streams settings", "Applications"
- "Control", "Publish control", "Applications"
What is the difference and how to combine them?

Max 2022-11-01 13:05:11 UTC 

Hello Aleksej,

In order publish control handler is called Nimble requires publisher to use publish URL with publish signature (as it described on page) generated with the password specified on "Contol" -> "Publish control" pages. Client should not know and use publisher login/password in this case.

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