Only one user can see SRT

Igor 2022-08-16 20:43:24 UTC in Nimble Streamer

Hello. I have a server that sends a stream in UDP format and I receive it on nimble server № 1, which is on my internal network, then I transfer the stream via SRT to cloud nimble server № 2 to reduce the load on my internal network. I need to get the link of my stream from server №2 in SRT format like srt://myip:5000
I created a stream in UDP STREAMING, specified SRT protocol and port 5000
When I try to view a stream on my srt://myip:5000 link, the stream opens, but no one else can watch it. As if the port is getting busy for other users. It needs to be public and all users can watch the stream using a link like srt://myip:5000. How to do it? thanks for the help

Alex Pokotilo 2022-08-17 02:54:15 UTC 

Hi Igor,
please take a look at
especially "One-to-many multipoint listener" paragragh.
Please also take a look at as more convenient alternative

Igor 2022-08-17 08:04:18 UTC 

Thank you very much friend! Now everything works!

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