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Alex 2023-03-05 10:31:37 UTC in WMSPanel functionality

We have a client that opens a large number of tabs with player and downloads stream using third-party video downloaders. Can I limit the number of connections per IP?

Sergei 2023-03-06 09:13:01 UTC 

Hello, Alex.

This can be achieved via PPV, and needs adding some code as described in the following documentation page:

Sergei 2023-03-07 01:07:41 UTC 

Alternatively, we provide the following APIs for programmatically managing user sessions, including disconnect of a specific session, based on IP. Please find details below:

Alex 2023-03-07 01:12:27 UTC 

Hello, Sergei.
In fact, I needed to prevent downloading my VODs by third-party loaders from video player. Now, instead of HLS, I enabled MPEG-Dash, and it seems it works better against the theft of the videos. But the setting of the DRM will give an even more effective result?

Sergei 2023-03-07 02:43:20 UTC 

Though, there are no 100% guarantee if someone once can view the stream, it cannot save it. The
DRM with the rotating keys is the best solution, at the moment, indeed.
Please refer to the following page on supported DRM providers, if you're interested:

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