How can I secure the HLS and RTMP stream out by using nimble live stream

Kshitij 2019-07-19 16:55:46 UTC in Nimble Streamer

Hi am new to Nimble streaming i have query i.e. i can publish the stream to nimble stream server, also i am able to get the hls and rtmp live streaming, but it is not secure if someone knows the address he can access it, so how can i make it secure by using some authentication methods or username/password for individual client. if someone can help me out here with an example?

Alex Pokotilo 2019-07-20 03:16:17 UTC 

please take a look at

John 2020-12-04 07:30:24 UTC 


He asking for help!!
He already found probably the link you send him, keep in mind with al tutorials in nimble blog that not all have knowledge about scripts,stuff and other thing related to nimble.
What i noticed already, every1 who has knowhow about nimble just send links to examples, but in these examples there is no further info how to fix stuff.
Example.... About the regex, me and alot others dont know what regex is, so in the name of god how would someone setup paywall add or block an useragant if he has no knowhow how to do this.
Yes i know you can block hundreds of things, if you know how to setup that, if you dont know how, you can block nothing.
We just need examples, copy/paste things etc etc.
I am a paying subscriber for few years and i still dont know and read somewhere how to block a vlc, kodi useragent, and its name!
Yes we read that it is possible, but what are all the name?

Hopefully you guys understand what i try to say, we just need examples no difficult words we never heared about.

Yury 2020-12-04 09:27:32 UTC 

Any security-related feature set has some learning curve and has some threshold for implementation. Our security features may look too sophisticated but they are definitely worth learning.
If you need some specific example please feel free to send us a question about it to our helpdesk, we'll see if we can help you.

Thank you.

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