Softvelum Q1 2021 news: Cloud backups, VOD Advertizer, Larix Talkback, video tutorials and more.

Nimble Streamer demos

Here are sample videos processed by Nimble Streamer.

Current Nimble demo virtual servers have 512M RAM and single-core CPU. You can bring up same cheap virtual machines using your favourite cloud hosting and install Nimble Streamer to try.

Install Nimble now to try it in your use cases.

Streaming demos

You can see examples of using Nimble Streamer with various players and plain HTML5 in our github streaming examples repository.You can test them all using buttons below.

Nimble server allows streaming MP4 as HLS VOD. See this simple how-to as example.

Nimble Streamer allows streaming MP4 as MPEG-DASH VOD.

Nimble Streamer supports pseudo-streaming with time marks seeking for both MP4 and FLV.

Nimble Streamer supports progressive download HTML5 video and allows seeking by HTTP Range headers.

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Bitmovin Player provides MPEG-DASH playback in both HTML5 and Flash fallback modes.

Contact Bitmovin

THEOplayer is the only HTML5 video player that can guarantee HTTP Live Streaming playback, cross-platform, without any plugins such as Flash or Silverlight.

Radiant Media Player is fully compatible with Nimble Streamer output and provides a state of the art video streaming experience.


You can check our realtime chart of connections and bandwidth of demo server while watching demo videos. It uses the same realtime chart as used within WMSPanel. This one is smaller in size though but it gives an idea.


Nimble Advertizer demo

We have Nimble Advertizer Live Demo page which shows server-side ads insertion in action and gives implementation details.
It shows the output for HLS, SLDP and RTMP live video, and also audio-only HLS and Icecast live audio.

All streams have 1 pre-roll and 2 different mid-rolls inserted periodically.

Find out more on Live Demo page.

Install Nimble Streamer now
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Free trial of WMSPanel included

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