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Larix mobile broadcasting SDK for iOS

Larix Mobile Broadcasting SDK uses native iOS camera API for video H.264 and audio AAC encoding.

The library supports the following features.

  • Interleaved H.264 video and AAC audio
  • RTSP and RTMP publishing over TCP
  • Basic and Digest authentication for RTSP and RTMP, Limelight RTMP authentication
  • Landscape and portrait modes with device dynamic orientation support
  • Front and back cameras are supported with hot switch
  • Recording to MP4 and saving screenshots
  • Flash light support
  • Bluetooth audio support

Read this FAQ to get answers for most frequent questions about our SDK and its capabilities.

SDK contains full sources of Larix Broadcaster application.

Larix Broadcaster

Larix Broadcaster is a free mobile application based on Mobile Broadcasting library. You can use it as a reference for testing the library within your infrastructure.

Player SDK

We also provide an SDK for SLDP Player which allows adding playback for RTMP and SLDP streams.
Visit this page to learn more and subscribe for it.

Contact our team in case of any questions.

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