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Merge two rtmp live streams into one rtmp live stream with ffmpeg and Nimble

Joël 2015-08-04 21:37:50 UTC in Nimble Streamer

I try to merge one rtmp video live stream with a second audio rtmp live stream. To get translation on a existing live stream

But I get 2 errors:
rtmp server sent error
RTMP_ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP packet header.

I already added the rtmp enable flag to the nimble config file.

My code is:
ffmpeg -loglevel verbose -i rtmp://ip-nimble/rtmp/mainvideo -i rtmp://ip-nimble/rtmp/translation –acodec copy –vcodec copy -f flv -map 0:0 –map 0:1 –map 1:0 "rtmp://ip-nimble/live?rtmpauth=user:password/videowithtranslation“

My final purpose is to have one video live stream with 3 or more extra audio translations.

but first I try to merge for each translation two live streams into one stream.

have you any idea why I get a rtmp sent error?
Most of the people say, it is an autentication problem with the rtmp server.

Andrey Goncharov 2015-08-05 00:49:38 UTC

Hello Joël,

Nimble Streamer supports the in-URL authentication you use, so authentication is not the reason.

I don't understand, how does you FFMPEG command work, because FLV container does not allow multiple audio tracks.

Your task is usually solved by generating different stream for each translation. Just remove "-map 0:1" from your FFMPEG command and it should work.

Please, start new support thread by sending email to so we could deal with specific streams, if you need more info on that.

Joël 2015-08-05 06:49:01 UTC

Hello Andrey
I thought -map 0:0 is video of stream one, and -map 0:1 audio of stream one. and -map 1:0 audio of stream two.

I will setup two live streams for testing.
and send you the specific info by email

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