Client of Media hosting or Content Delivery Network

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As a user you can get access to all the reporting features provided for hosting providers and CDNs. This includes capability to have one or more slices for reporting your own applications and streams with same excellent statistics and charts.
You can also get access to controlling streams, e.g. your camcorders or your ShoutCast radio transmissions.

This allows:

Your hosting provider needs to:

  1. Sign up and install WMSPanel agent.
  2. Create data slices required for your statistics' gathering.
  3. Create users for your company's representatives.

Double check your hosting provider availability:

Read the blog post to learn how WMSPanel can help CDN users getting more out of their hosters.

You may also consider Nimble Streamer, the HTTP streaming server for HLS and SmoothStreaming re-stream and progressive download pseudo-streaming.
You can use it as a base for making your own delivery chain having Wowza as an origin and Nimble as edge server. It's fast and it's available free of charge so the cost of ownership may be less that for using a hoster or CDN.

Please visit our company forum to see how other companies use WMSPanel products in their business.